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What is "snow trekking"?

Snow trekking is an outdoor acitivity for all ages, from children to seniors.
Strap on snowshoes and easily enjoy the majestic scenery of Urabandai!

Course Map

Set your sights on "Yellow Falls"
From finding animal tracks to traversing the frozen Akanuma, there's plenty of fun to be had!

Snow Trekking Course Map

Created by the 1888 eruption, Akanuma is a crater lake that sits at an elevation of 1,120m on the northern side of Mt. Bandai, Urabandai.It is said to be one source of the Five-Colored Lakes' (Goshiki-numa) colorations.
After passing the woods around the crater basin you will arrive at Akanuma, surrounded by the crater wall. It freezes over in winter making it traversable on foot.

To book a guide for your trip, or for other inquires, please contact Urabandai Ski Resort.
(8:00AM - 4:00PM)
Only viewable in winter,
at Urabandai!
Embark from Urabandai Ski Resort by snowshoe bound for
Embark from Urabandai Ski Resort by
snowshoe bound for

Yellow Falls

Yellow Falls Yellow Falls

Yellow Falls is a huge mystical icefall (frozen waterfall) that forms during the peak of winter from an exploded volcanic crater in Urabandai.
Its almost sculpted appearance and golden color are stunning!

  • ※In some cases, the falls may not be visible due to natural causes.
  • ※Trekking alone is dangerous. Please hire a guide or come with an expereienced individual.
Peak formation Early to mid-February
Size Height~8m Width~10m
Travel Time Approx. 2 hours round-trip
Cost ¥1,500 (round-trip lift ticket)

Snowshoe Trekking


Snowshoes are footwear designed for walking on top of the snow.
They increase the contact area of your feet with the snow, which provides bouyancy.
You can even walk on top of soft, fresh snow without getting stuck.


Necessary Preparations for Enjoying Snow Trekking
Necessary Preparations for Enjoying Snow Trekking

Don't forget your "Mountain Climber Card" (Nyusansha-kado)

This is the key to getting you help. Make sure not only to submit the card, but to fill it out in detail. You should also notify your family, workplace, school, etc.

Plan Ahead and with extra time

Plan ahead for severe weather conditions and take into account your skill, stamina, and experience. Arrogance is forbidden. Be sure to take one day more than you think you need.

Take care of your physical health

Sleep deprivation, colds, etc. are your worst enemy. In order to avoid unneessary accidents, don't push yourself and always hike in good physical condition.

Do you have enough gear, food, and fuel?

Bring appropriate gear for the conditions on the mountain. If you have the right gear, you'll also be in the right mindset.

Have you done thorough research?

Always check the latest information on the mountain and the weather before you depart. Its crucial to ask the opinions of guides, patrol, experienced individuals, etc., and understand the dangerous areas of the mountain. Bring along radio equipment, or cellular reception extenders.

Pay careful attention to the weather

Weather in the mountains changes without warning. Pay constant attention to the forecast. If inclement weather is forecast, immediately stop what you are doing. The courage to turn back is a necessity.

Always have an exerienced individual accompany you

Unexperienced parties are particularly susceptible to accidents. Under no circumstances should you trek alone, either. The leader of the group must stay aware of the whole groups condition, must never push boundaries, and must take appropriate action to prevent disaster.

Hometown tax (Furusato Oen Nozei)
Hometown tax (Furusato Oen Nozei)
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Yuki Maji! 19
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