A bright and expansive restaurant
boasting large glass windows

Image of the open and spacious restuarant
Business Hours 10:00AM - 3:00PM
Seats 380
Location Center House, 2F
Image of Salt Ramen
Salt Ramen
Image of Curry
Image of Sauce Katsu Bowl
Sauce Katsu Bowl

Menu (all prices listed include tax)

Rice Bowls
Curry : ¥1,100
Sauce Katsu Bowl : ¥1,300
Chili Shrimp & Egg Bowl : ¥1,300
Udon & Ramen
Salt Ramen : ¥1,300
Kitakata Ramen : ¥1,200
Large Seafood Kakiage Udon : ¥1,200
French Fries : ¥500
Jumbo Pork Bun : ¥400
Gelato : ¥350
Hometown tax (Furusato Oen Nozei)
Hometown tax (Furusato Oen Nozei)
Yuki Maji! 19
Yuki Maji! 19
Urabandai Kogen Hotel
Urabandai Kogen Hotel
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